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Mac DeMarco at FYF Festival

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analog collages, 2k14


The Grocery Boy 1932

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It’s nice to get some positive news sometimes.

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Porky Pig’s speech pattern deconstructed



"And that’s why I have job security"
Well played.

ffuuuuuuuuuuuuuuckkkk man wow this is so great

This was such a fun little segment from “I Know That Voice!”

If you’re even remotely just thinking about becoming a voice actor, I IMPLORE you to watch “I Know That Voice!”, it’s absolutely fantastic, fun, and very educational, not to mention incredibly inspiring.

aww hes so proud of his abilities

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Been reading the dialogue Phaedrus by Plato and in it Socrates describes love to resemble a charioteer with two horses. In the case of the Gods—who have direct access of all absolute truths—their horses work in complete harmony to carry themselves to the heavens to view the absolute truth of love, which is beauty. Similar to this, humans have a charioteer and two horses but one of our horses are noble and one dark. The noble horse upholds temperance but the dark horse gives into lust. In the case of love—because our horses are different—we only catch glimpses of beauty in the heavens; rising to the heavens and falling back to make it unable to see. However, giving into any certain horse of ours states what type of lover we are. A lover that gives into the wantoness of the dark horse makes an individual an improper lover. A lover that restrains desires—because all humans have a dark horse and or desires within—and upholds the noble horse is a proper lover. And although the point of the book is to parallel these lovers with poets and philosophers—for the poet gives into the carnal pleasure of words and in turn seeks only self glory; making his pursuit immoral while the philosopher seeks only truth within his words but I cannot help to think about the point of love. Lately I have been feeling like an improper lover; giving into carnal lust. And I know I am no god but I wish I could be proper to her. To redeem my desires with the truth of love; awe and respect and beauty. And maybe I do exactly that and I am just being critical of myself but I cannot help but feel this way. My love should not be counterparts with wantoness by rather true beauty. And I feel like I’ve been like this for so. Desire is so encumbering and yet i desire to be a charioteer that upholds the noble horse. Just a thought.